• Welcome to the future of aqua fitness in treasure valley

    The Aqua-fit Revolution by Embody is aqua fitness designed to challenge you and change the way you think about exercise.


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    How we are different....

    The structure of Aqua-Fit Revolution classes is intentionally designed for results and commitment.


    A.R.E. classes are designed to challenge you to attain your health & fitness goals through purposefully designed workouts that are goal-oriented & progressive.


    You know when you walk through those doors, what to expect. Instructors are committed to maintaining the integrity of the program and all class plans are designed to uphold this. 




    Idaho Central Aquatic Center 3575 S Findley AvenueBoise, ID 83706


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    Results Driven Fitness

    We know you are busy, and we value your time.


    Therefore, our promise to you is that each class will deliver on results.


    A.R.E. classes are designed to optimize the unique properties of the water and to provide each participant with a challenging workout, regardless of where you on your fitness journey.


    Each minute of the class is purposeful and each week is progressive.



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    Why the water?

    Low impact does not mean low intensity. The unique properties of water, create an environment conducive to high-intensity workouts, all while minimizing the risk of injury.


    Improved muscle recruitment. Due to the properties of the water, you are able to effectively work opposing muscle pairs throughout the workout without added equipment & developing lean muscle mass.


    Increased core activation. As the water moves around you, you are required to recruit core muscles to maintain balance & stability.


    The water provides the amount of resistance you demand. The more water you move, the more muscles you recruit, and the more demand you place on your body. Plus, the harder you work, the harder your neighbor has to as well .



    Improve speed, power & coordination. Experience performance improvements, no matter what you do outside of the pool.



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    Mon/Wed @ 7:00 am Aqua-Fit Class high-energy and powerful water workout designed to push your limits and redefine your fitness goals


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    Mon/Wed @ 2:00 pm Aqua-Fit 2.0 A lower impact class.Specifically designed for those looking for a program designed to promote fitness, increased range of motion, flexibility, and joint mobility.


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    Classes are ongoing but do require pre-registration.


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    Meet your instructor

    My name is Melissa. I am a Boise-based fitness professional, owner of Embody Pilates Yoga & Fitness & an aquatic training specialist with the Aquatic Exercise Association.  


    I fell in love with aquatic fitness twenty years ago when I was pregnant with my son. After he was born, I just couldn't stay away. I started teaching five months later, and I never looked back.


    A.R.E. is the result of years of belief in the ability of water to transform lives, and the desire to revolutionize how aquatic fitness is perceived.


    I am passionate about creating fitness experiences that are purpose driven and enjoyable and I strive to inspire, empower, and educate all students.


    I look forward to sharing in your journey, and am excited to introduce new instructors in the next several months!