• Meet the instructors

    The team at Embody is committed to your journey. We have a diverse background , rich in experience and education.

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    Melissa Plumeau

    Holistic Health Coach, Fitness Educator & Pilates Instructor

    BS K-12 Physical Education /Health Teaching Certificate

    Melissa has been teaching group fitness classes and providing personal training in the Boise area for eighteen years. She is a certified IM=X Pilates instructor as well as an Aquatic Training Specialist for the Aquatic Exercise Association and Arthritis Foundation Leader, an ACE Fitness Professional and Health Coach, TRX Instructor and Cycle Fusion Coach. Melissa has experience working with clients of all ages and fitness levels and is a guest Pilates instructor at Capitol City Ballet in the summer. She also teaches as an adjunct instructor at Boise State University.


    When Melissa began incorporating Pilates reformer sessions into her workouts in 2014, she noticed an immediate difference in all she did. Her strength and speed improved on the bike and in running, her swim became more focused, her dance more balanced . Melissa has used Pilates to rehabilitate an Achilles strain, a ruptured bursa in her hip and most recently a combined ligament tear in her knee. Pilates enhances every aspect of her fitness and health.


    Melissa combines her experience with her intuitive ability to recognize what each body needs to maximize every person's unique potential. Melissa believes that with commitment, passion and belief in your dreams, anything is possible.She truly believes Pilates has the potential to change the way you live your life.

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    Callie Ritter

    Movement Therapist and Educator;Biomechanical Personal Trainer;Restorative Exercise Specialist

    When your body feels good, you don't notice it. You don't notice your knees when you hike, your back after a long day, and you get off the ground without a grunt or sigh. Mine used to hurt. I exercised inside the dominant cultural concept that being healthy equalled measuring up to specific performance goals. I looked very healthy, but my body ached, even though I did lots of cross training, yoga and pilates. I came to learn that exercise and movement are different. Someone can be really active, but also be extremely sedentary in certain parts of their body and prone to disease and injury in the same ways a "non-active" person could be.


    Movement is a powerful medicine not just impacting muscles and joints, but heart health, bone density, pelvic floor function, lymph regulation, balanced menstrual cycles...the list goes on. BUT, you must know what the variety and dosage of actual movement is that you're ingesting. Because most of us move as if we're writing a sentence using a 10-letter alphabet and a worn out pen, over and over again, but we can't see it. Your body can do amazing things, and feel amazing too. We all need more movement: and a higher quality and quantity of movement to stave off the affluent ailments rampant in our culture.


    I have an embodied understanding of how alignment, geometry, physics, and motion all interplay by spending thousands of hours moving in the studio, not just sitting at a desk. I have over fifteen years of professional training in movement and dance reinforced by my collected certifications and continuing education. I "walk the walk" of a supple, capable body, and constantly learn more about it by studying the living world. I understand scoliosis by looking at the way a tree grows around a boundary, and I see a story of arterial plaque and blood dynamics in the erosion of riverbanks.


    We are not separate from the world: our body is extensively and unfathomably interdependent within itself and beyond itself. My aim is to push the edge of what's possible in my body, mind and spirit, and offer what I learn along the way. It's so fun to feel my moving and dancing self growing more flexible, strong, and injury free as I age, as opposed to the other way around.

    I hope you join me!

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    Connie Roark

    Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor

    Melissa says:" I met Connie after I taught my first class at the Y fifteen years ago. I stayed for her kickboxing class and the rest is history. We have completed three Ironman 70.3 Triathlons together, multiple half marathons and enjoyed many a good beer together.Connie has been teaching group fitness and training for close to 20 years She is one of the most dynamic instructors you will ever meet and will push you further than you think you want to go. Connie is dedicated to your success and experienced in multiple formats. "

    (Watch for her bio soon!)

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    Jenn Northness Tigli

    Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Certified Pilates Instructor; Certified Yoga Therapist, TRX Instructor

    Jenn found Iyengar yoga 16 years ago in an effort to manage injuries from a lifetime of competitive sports. Not only did she find yoga provided relief from chronic lower back pain and stiff shoulders but enhanced her emotional and mental well being too. Her style is challenging, yet encouraging. Jenn enjoys teaching students of all levels progress in their practice both on the mat and in their daily activities. In addition to her background in Yoga, Jenn is also certified to teach Pilates (in fact, Melissa took her first real Pilates Mat class from Jenn in 2006!) and TRX suspension training.


    When not teaching, Jenn enjoys mountain biking, gardening and backpacking with her two daughters

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    Cari Schauer

    NASM PT, AFAA Mat Pilates, CDC's Lifestyle Coach, Zumba, Strong Nation (HIIT)

    I have always been passionate about keeping people healthy and fit and staying safe while doing so. I studied at UC Irvine graduating with a BA in Dance and became a group fitness instructor after retiring from a professional career in dance/musical theatre. With a husband and 5 children, I understand the importance of juggling career, family life, and personal health. I see the value and potential in every person that I work with. No matter where you are in life, I appreciate your willingness to start and letting me guide you on your wellness journey. I currently work with people of all fitness levels, abilities, and ages. I embrace the fact that we need our bodies - our physical health - our entire lives. So, the focus of balance, posture, alignment, and injury prevention are crucial.